Executive Summary

Farson is a registered NGO made up of committed and reliable individuals driven to accelerate transformation through gender equality in south Sudan.t his organization through the board members took the initiatives to support economic empowerment and livelihood thus, reducing vulnerability, mitigate GBV risk in emergencies.

Farson  is  a  registered NGO driven to accelerate  economic  and  social transformation through supporting and  amplifying the  voices  of  young people and  women with support  for  men.We aim  to  enhance  the  capacities  of  women, young people and men  to transform  existing  challenges that affect the  economic and social progression  of  their  livelihoods and  reduce  inequalities and  social injustices in Eastern Equatorial, Warrap, Jongolei, Western Equatorial, Upper Nile, and  Central Equatorial state.

Our Vision …

A self-reliant and inclusive society where men women and young people realize their potential through social and economic growth.

Our Mission …

To deepen economic and social justice through networking research and capacity building

Our Goal …

Over all Socio-Economic Development of underprivileged people specially children, women and farmers.

Aim & Objective

  1. Involvement of men in promotion and advancement of gender equality.
  2. To mentor and enhance capacities of young people through provision of information and capacity building.
  3. To amplify women’s voice and power through creation of leadership openings, increasing income generating opportunities and networking prospects.
  4. Deepen activism for peace  processes.
  5. Ensuring Climate  Mitigation  and  Justice.

Value & Principal

Integrity, Respect ,innovation Dignity. Connection and collaboration diversity

  • Intregity
  • Connection and collaboration diversity
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Dignity

Our Program Areas 

  1. Leadership, growth and development
  2. Gender and economic justice
  3. Environment and climate change
  4. Peace and security
  1. Leadership growth and development

This area aims at building and enhancing the capacity of men, women and young people to fully participate in development processes

  1. Gender and economic justice

The focus of this area is advancing economic growth and transformation of women, men and young people through provision of productive resources.

  1. Environment and climate change management

The center of this is to equip men and women to provide sustainable solutions to mitigate disaster and to add urgent needs.

  1. Peace and security

This area is embedded in UNCHR 1325 ensuring that women men participate in peace building processes.

Our Organization Believes
• In the potential power of the poor and rural people to participate actively in development initiatives within their community.
• In equal opportunity for man and women in society irrespective of class, age, ethnic, culture or religion.
• All Human Rights for all.
• In freedom of expression, movement and choice by man and women alike.
• In social harmony free from communal bias.
• Freedom for work, education and development.


Phyisical Address

Star Village Office & Apartments Gudele Road – Juba South Sudan

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Telephone Numbers

+211 921 095 031 | +211 921 721 171 | +211 980 174 202

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